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Judgement, or the verb To Judge. What does it mean? When is it applicable? It has become prevalent in today’s lingo to say “Don’t judge me” But, what does that mean? If someone steals something, and they are called a thief, is that judgement? After all, the dictionary definition of thief is “someone who steals.” So, it can’t be judgement. But, if I say, because you’re a thief, you are going to hell”, then, that, maybe, is judgement. Because who goes to hell is not in my hands to determine. Only God’s.

The truth is that the context in which we use the term “judgement” is by far and large incorrect. Judgement can go in more than one direction, you see. One can be judged favorably, or adversely. Rightly or wrongly. It is truly the act of making a decision, or determination on someone based on limited information. I use…

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